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Welcome to K.Fee Programming. For over a decade, I have studied programming and the video game industry in general. I have studied every aspect, from art to design, audio to functionality, and have settled on programming as the best way for me to realize my desire to create new worlds and experiences for players.

I have studied at length to learn the best practices and techniques for programming on the computer and console; I have learned how to think of the big picture as well as the little details that matter. Code does not execute in isolation, it is dependent on the hardware it runs on, the systems and drivers it uses, the application programming interfaces (APIs) and frameworks that it drives, not to mention the other code within its own assembly. Many of these are ever-changing, and maintaining awareness is a necessity.

But this does not only apply to code, but design in general. From the big picture to the smallest details, everything must be considered. I may have programming expertise, but I have tried my hand at every aspect of game production simply to be aware of what it entails.

I have learned far more practices on my own through experience, texts, and articles than could ever be hoped to learn in a standard college course. I long ago learned how to maintain self-motivation, but this does not prevent me from working with others. Indeed, knowing ones strengths and those of one's team members is necessary for producing the best work possible by ensuring tasks are handled by those most capable.

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